• Darren & Debby Porter

Reset, Relocate, Relaunch

Someone once said that business is as much about discovering what doesn't work as much as what does work. It's not that what we've done hasn't worked but it has taken us in some surprising directions. Initially we thought working out of a garage at home would be fun... until it also took over the kitchen table, and then we needed more equipment...and places for everything. Then we got excited about all of the fun projects we could do, so the list continued to grow...

Time for a 'reset'

January 2019, we decided we would need to choose a specific path, and form a fresh vision. We decided that what got us started and what we love most is creating great NZ educational toys and ECE resources. We also needed to be capable of supplying nationwide. So we sold our house.

It took us 18 months to get into our new home and business after tackling many hurdles. But we did get there...and then... a nationwide 'Lockdown'

Finally we have a separate work/shop adjacent to our home, spaces for all operations to be done efficiently. All a Buzz is back in business. We found a house by a lake outside the city. Great for our kids, great for creative souls, a great little rural community.

Our fresh vision - 'to create great New Zealand wooden toys and educational resources'

not just designed by us but 'made in New Zealand - for Kiwi kids'

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