• Darren & Debby Porter

None of us is as smart as all of us...

..but together with collaboration, teamwork and learning from one another, great things are possible. In our journey we are learning to embrace the concept of 'Ako', which perfectly describes the way we endeavour to function. We see everything we do as a shared learning experience. When we began this journey the idea was very different, however everything has evolved from conversations and requests from customers who are 'the primary educators' of our children. Their needs, goals, challenges have been our inspiration and have become our raw material.

Today we met with one of our local pre-school kaiako, whose input we find invaluable in our own development; personally and professionally. As someone who works in a bilingual centre her contribution to our mahi is what helps to keep us connected. These and many other conversations, along with visits to pre-school environments, adds to our learning and refines our design choices.

'Feel the fear and do it anyway' is a great description of learning and testing of ideas. To see all the heads broken off your wonderful new toy goats is certainly a reality check - who knew that these animals could be treated like a can opener! But this is the way we grow and we must not be afraid to participate. Children are great, and literally our best teachers.

The experience of the past four years has taught us so much. The conversations we are having now will certainly show up in the months and years to come, as these are the seeds we are watering to benefit our future generations. We have so much more to learn, and so much more to give.

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