• Darren & Debby Porter

It's Important to Finish Well

A wooden toy is a beautiful thing and represents the ideal in wholesome early years play. But wood being natural, sustainable and biodegradable, must be protected if it is to be appreciated and enjoyed year after year. In pursuit of products that enhance, protect and are safe for both applicator and user we have selected these three main suppliers . From day one, we have worked with Resene paints as a trusted NZ supplier with paints that are proven to be suitable for our needs, not to mention the amazing range of colours available to artists and toy creators. We use these child-safe products: Aquaclear, Lustacryl & Lumbersider. For water and mould resistance we selected a European manufactured Danish oil which is food and child-safe; knowing that these toys can be equally found both in the yard as well as in a child's mouth. Looking after ourselves as makers is something we should not take lightly either, and sucking up copious amounts of aromatic hydrocarbons is not a great long term prospect. In 2020 we began using a New Zealand blended Beeswax product made by Duzz-all, to finish our light duty toys. It is user friendly, applicator friendly, has a lovely smell, does not need to dry and can be easily reapplied. It also has wonderful natural properties that not only to protect the wood, but also prevent germs lingering on it. This stuff is very child-friendly. We like it so much we are now offering it alongside our products as an ideal go-to for refreshing educational toys which are being cleaned constantly. Long live great wooden toys and those who appreciate them.

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